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CX Corporation is an advanced court technology "Research and Development" Company. Established in 1993, the staff of CX has developed many new innovations in the trial court arena. Our primary focus in product development is to provide the most advanced technologies to the trial courts. We design our technologies and services to complement the practices of law and the courts while maintaining the respectful tradition of the legal industry. The CX Case Management system with electronic filing has been in continuous use for 20 years!

Automated Court Systems more powerful than 'ANY' available system.

Trial Court Desktop is a series of products designed to bundle the power of extreme information systems into an affordable and comprehensive product line with connectivity that allows single user, small networks and WAN/LAN operation all in one system.

The NEW UNC School of Government "Structured Sentencing Calculator"  for iPhone and iPad is now available. 

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San Francisco Superior Court
The North Carolina Business Court
Georgia Institute of Government
North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Government
NC Cherokee Tribal Court
The North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys
Campbell Law School

Wake Forest Law School
Council of Superior Court Judges of Georgia
The North Carolina Conference of Superior Court Judges
Brunswick County Courthouse
Attorneys in Ten States
Jefferson Parish Courthouse, Louisiana 
North Carolina Bar Association
Federal and State Law Libraries