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CX Corporation is an advanced court technology "Research and Development" company.

Established in 1993, CX Corporation has developed many innovations in the trial court arena. Our primary focus in product development is to provide the most advanced technologies to the trial courts. We design our technologies and services to complement the practices of law and the courts while maintaining the respectful tradition of the legal industry. The CX Case Management System with electronic filing has been in continuous use by the two largest business courts in North Carolina for over 23 years!

CX Corporation is a “Research and Development” company with over 20 years of experience designing technologies in use by the North Carolina Courts. We measure ourselves by the legal development expertise we are able to provide. We offer services that compliment the practices of law and the court, while maintaining the respectful tradition of the law. We pride ourselves in our unparalleled expertise in the most advanced technologies to the trial court system.
Stay connected, Trial By Cloud, a layer of technology to increase access to court information. You are able to access all of your information from different devices and allows people to work from different and secure locations.
Clerkwurx innovations automate the ever growing task of judicial services. It is a cost effective solution for ease of management in the day-to-day operations of the clerk. Clerkwurx brings all the control of information straight to the Clerk’s desktop, and allows them to work smarter not harder.


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